Welcome to Wareabouts. We are located about 18 kms southwest of Millarville, Alberta, in the foothills of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. The Ware Creek winds its way through the land hence the name "Wareabouts". We grow some hay and graze a few of our neighbour's cows. The way to really enjoy the country is on horseback so there are a few of those beasts around.

Peter and I, Sharon, have owned the quarter for about 25 years. We feel very lucky to have found this quarter section which is located in a little valley right in the midst of the foothills. Though we don't have a mountain view (unless we ride or walk to higher ground surrounding us), the creek, hills, wooded areas and pasture are just as picturesque. Plus there is some protection from the chinook winds that blow in this part of the country. Elk, moose, deer, cougars, bears and wolves are the larger animals that wander past the house. Coyotes, skunks, squirrels, weasels, red foxes, hares and all sorts of birds are the smaller creatures.

A pair of white tailed deer

A young moose

A stinky visitor

A young black bear

We have 2 dogs - Kate and Jill. They are active and yappy enough to keep the cougars and bears away from the house when they are outside but when they are inside the wild animals have no problem coming by. We once looked out the window to watch a cougar strolling by with a coyote following along yapping at its heels. The cougar kept turning to look at the coyote and seemed to be saying, "Get Lost!" That coyote probably wanted to get some leftovers from the cat's kill. The moose and deer are quite habituated to the dogs. The deer that feed at our bird feeders just calmly walk away when the dogs come out while the moose ignore them and continue to feed on the willows.

A Rufus Hummingbird

A Mountain Chickadee

There are also 3 cats - Missy,Toby and Paddy.

Looking west towards Wareabouts from Ware Ridge